AMAC Footwear - The Story

"You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you."  - John Bunyan

Austin McAllister founded AMAC in 2011 as a custom footwear service painting and restoring sneakers. AMAC is in every sense family owned. The company started out in the garage of a small Oklahoma City household. With a quick rise to success and the forefront of sneaker culture, McAllister decided he wanted to take AMAC one step further. 

In 2013, McAllister brought together a team of the best designers, and creatives in the world and began researching on how to create AMAC's very own sneaker. With little to no knowledge of getting a product manufactured, he set out to fulfill a childhood dream. Austin, having extremely high quality standards, was not happy with the first six factories he sampled and visited. Finally, on the seventh factory, AMAC had a jewel. 

The aforementioned sneaker AMAC's team designed will launch early 2016. The shoes are now in production. To get a sneak peak, check out the picture below: