Silent Emergency || World Water Crisis


To put that into perspective, that's twice the population of the United States. Diseases from dirty water kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war.

It truly is a "Silent Emergency". Many women and children spend 6+ hours a day walking to and from the local water source to gather water for their family. This time spent walking often restricts children from attending school. Even worse, the water that they are gathering often contains diseases that could kill them or their loved ones.

The cycle will continue over and over again if we don't do something about it!


We are doing our part to provide water for a thirsty world.


  1. BUY - Shop our sneakers. Each pair sold provides 20 years of clean drinking water to someone in need.

  2. SHARE - Share the need. Share our story. Share our mission. Help us get the word out to your friends, family, co-workers, barbers, and the kid next to you on the subway. Sharing costs nothing and it does wonders for worldwide awareness!

  3. GIVE - We give all of our money donations through Los Angeles based non-profit, Water Wells for Africa. You can give directly through them on their website,

The time to help is now. Too many innocent lives are taken every day because of the Silent Emergency. Click the links below to do your part!

Katema Launch Information

For hundreds of years various villages around the mountain range called Katema in Malawi, Africa have gone without access to clean drinking water. Our debut sneaker, the Katema, will be our team effort to help these people in need. With every purchase, we will donate 20 years of clean drinking water to a Malawian in need on your behalf. All information needed to purchase your pair can be found below:

  • Release Date : 3/12/16 - 11:00 AM EST
  • MSRP : $89
  • Where : Exclusively on

AMAC Footwear - The Story

"You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you."  - John Bunyan

Austin McAllister founded AMAC in 2011 as a custom footwear service painting and restoring sneakers. AMAC is in every sense family owned. The company started out in the garage of a small Oklahoma City household. With a quick rise to success and the forefront of sneaker culture, McAllister decided he wanted to take AMAC one step further. 

In 2013, McAllister brought together a team of the best designers, and creatives in the world and began researching on how to create AMAC's very own sneaker. With little to no knowledge of getting a product manufactured, he set out to fulfill a childhood dream. Austin, having extremely high quality standards, was not happy with the first six factories he sampled and visited. Finally, on the seventh factory, AMAC had a jewel. 

The aforementioned sneaker AMAC's team designed will launch early 2016. The shoes are now in production. To get a sneak peak, check out the picture below: