Water is essential for life.

More than 840,000 people die each year due to water related diseases. Children in the communities most heavily affected by this crisis often spend 7-8 hours a day gathering water for their families. This chore makes it difficult for the children to obtain the education necessary to climb out of poverty, and even after investing so much time and energy, the water that they collect is often filled with disease causing bacteria that can cause life threatening illnesses. The cycle of poverty and death will never end unless we do something to help.

Katema, Malawi is one community that has been hit hard by this water crisis. AMAC seeks to directly help the people of Katema with our debut sneaker, the AMAC Katema. Each pair of Katemas sold will provide 20 years of clean water to someone in the village of Katema. While many take water for granted, these people need water in a way most of us could never understand. Proceeds from your purchase will go directly to our non-profit partner, Water Wells for Africa, which will construct water wells in Katema using the funds from your purchase. Building this well will free up time for children and women of Katema. They will no longer spend hours a day trekking to the river to collect dirty, diseased water.

We wanted every aspect of the design of our debut shoe to reflect the spirit of Katema:

  • The woven toe is inspired by the handmade baskets that mothers of Katema use to gather crops, food, and other necessary nutrients for their families. 
  • The moving side panels are inspired by the rolling hills of Katema. Malawi has some of the most beautiful terrain in all of Africa. AMAC designers really tried to capture the essence of this in the silhouette. 
  • The jagged eyelets are inspired by the waves that crash into the shore of Katema every morning at high tide.
  • The insoles quote "Soles with a Purpose", a motto that really captures what this shoe seeks to do in 2016, give purpose.
  • The neoprene upper allows the foot to move freely. Many Malawi women and children walk around barefoot, not because they have to, but because they enjoy the freedom and feeling. AMAC designers chose neoprene because it allows the feet to feel that same freedom and movement.

Your purchase gives water. Your purchase gives life.

The Katema is NOW available.