Who exactly does the charity portion of our money go to?

We have partnered with Southern California based non-profit, Water Wells for Africa, to provide 20 years of clean water to someone in need with every purchase. WWFA has done years of research into which regions are in need of water the most. Your money will be sending missionaries and money directly to Malawi, Africa to build water wells in various thirsty villages.


How can I pay for my order?

AMAC accepts most credit/debit cards as well as PayPal (for U.S. customers).  All card payments are processed through third party credit card processor, Stripe.


How do I clean my AMAC Footwear?

We recommend lightly scrubbing your shoes with a mild soap & water mix.  Please avoid putting the shoes in a washing machine or dryer (or dishwasher) as this could potentially be harmful to the construction of the sneakers.


Are AMAC sneakers environmentally friendly?

We pride ourselves in our low emission manufacturing process.  All pairs are designed and manufactured with the environment in mind!